Active Directory

Using Active Directory Queries To Remove Home Folders

Recently, I needed to delete all the entries for mapped homefolders on user accounts. Using Active Directory queries for that purpose made it really easy. So, I would like to share it.

Log on to your Domain Controller and open Active Directory Users and Computers >Right Click Saved Queries > New > Query

Click Define Query

Click Find and choose Users, Contactsi Groups. I choose that because homefolder is related to the user object. You can search any AD objects you need from here.

Click “Advanced” and then click “Field”

Enter “*” in the value field for all values and click Add and OK.

Query is created, if you double click it will bring you all the users with homefolders defined. Select all the users > right click and select the properties> select Profile Tab > check homefolder and choose Local Path and leave it empty and click OK. This action will remove all the entries for homefolders from user profiles.

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