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18- Reports

There are many different built-in reports in Configuration Manager. You can also create your own custom menu. For Reports, you should add Reporting Service Point Role on your database server.



Do not change anything on this window just click Next to continue



Skip Proxy Settings Window and select Reporting Services Point



The settings here will be automatically fetched from the database server


After we add the role, check the built-in reports by navigating Monitoring/Reporting/Reports. As I said earlier, we can create custom reports.



Now we will create a report that brings all the computers with Silverlight. Right click the Report named “Computers with specific software registered in Add Remove Programs” and select Edit.



Edite tıkladıktan sonra smsadmin hesap bilgileriniz istenecek ve Report Builder açılacaktır.

SMS Administrator credentials will be asked, enter the credentials when prompted. When Report Builder started and Report is opened, go ahead and Save As the report in order not to change the original report.






Hit Inser tab and insert a Text Box



Click on “Expr” and type in here a title for example Silverlight Installed Computers




Open Parameters folder and double click filterwildcard. Report parameter Properties window will be opened. Select Default Values and select Specify Values, then click Add.



We need to enter the program name into Value field exactly as seen in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.



Click on Parameters and this time double click on CollID. Default Values/Specify Values/Add and  enter SMS00001. This is the ID for All System Collection.





Save Report and Run.



Here is the report.


Our report is ready, now we can give permissions to users. Create a group in Active Directory and name it  “SCCM Reporting Users”. Add the users in this group. On SCCM console, navigate to Administration/Security and right click on Admnistrative Users and add SCCM Reporting Users to SCCM Server. Set the security role as Read Only Analyst to this group.





Right Click the Report that you will give read permission to your users. Select Properties and Enter Security tab and Add “ConfigMgr Report Users Role” to SCCM Reporting Users group.



Click the link under Monitoring/Reporting/Report Manager



Click “ConfigMgr_<SiteCode>”. Then navigate to “Software – Companies and Products”.



Select the report and choose Create a Linked Report




Name your report, click OK.Report will be shown in Internet Explorer. You can simply copy the link and send that link to the users via email.



If you can not view the report even in SCCM Console, then you need to install “Report Viewer.exe” which is located under  Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386 on your SCCM Site Server. This will solve the problem.

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