sccm 2012

2- SQL Server Installation

I already mentioned that I will be installing SQL Server 2012 SP1. Install at least 8GB memory on your SQL Server.

Log onto SQL server using your smsadmin user account and run SQL Server Setup.

New SQL Server standalone installation will be selected.

If setup finds an update, it will install that as well.

SQL Server Feature Installation is selected

Eventhough Database Engine and Reporting features enough to go on, I highly recommend to install SQL Server Management Studio,too.

Default Instance is selected

smsadmin credentials are entered as below.

Under Collation tab, SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS is selected.

Windows authentication mode is selected

In this installation, I installed data and log files on the same disk which is not a good practice in real environment. You should keep your data and log files on different disk in production environment because this increase your SQL server’s performance.

You will see warning message during the Configuration Manager installation, if you dont limit SQL Server Memory. To avoid this warning message, we should now specify the server memory. Run SQL Server Management Studio, right click on server and select properties and select memory.Change memory values like below.

Now we can start installing WSUS

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