Active Directory

How To Change Default Computer OU

When you join a computer to the domain, Computer Object is created and placed in Default Computers Container which is not an organizational unit and we all know that, GPOs can be only applied to Organizational Units. Assume that, you need computers to fetch the group policy automatically even if you dont move the computer object to the required organizational unit.

See the pictıre below. Computer Default Container is not an OU that we can apply policies. So, I need to change my Default Computers OU. So, I created a new OU named ComputersOU and I will redirect new domain computers to this OU.

We need to know the DistinguishedName(DN)for ComputersOU. Start, Active Directory Users and Computers

Hit View – Advanced Features

Open ComputersOU properties

Click on Attribute Editor tab and select View

Right click and copy DN

Start Windows Powershell with admin rights

Run the command below. This will change the default computers ou.

redircmp “OU=ComputersOU,DC=domainisminiz,DC=edu,DC=local”

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