Web Site Monitoring with Zabbix

First navigate to Configuration > Host Groups > Create  Host Group and name it as “Web Servers Host Group”.


Create a Host Manually

Then Configuration > Hosts > Create a Host

Make sure you select DNS and click Add.



Now We are going to Create an Application, triggers and graphs and web scenerio for this Host. Click on the web site host we created.




Create an Application

Choose Application > Create Application > Give a name like MySite Web Monitoring



Create a Web Scenerios

Choose Web Scenerios> Create Web Scenerio>



Click Steps and add a new step


Click add to save  the step> Then click add once more to save web scenerio



Create 2 Triggers

Choose Triggers> Create Trigger >

This triiger is for web site down

Severity is disaster


Click Add to save the trigger


Create another trigger for web site response time

Choose Triggers> Create Trigger >

This trigger is for web site is too slow

Severity is High






Create 2 Graphs, for Download Speed and Response Time

Create Graph>


Create another graph for Response time like below



Now Create an Action that sends email or SMS

After you complete the screen above, complete also operations, recovery and update tabs and choose to whom you want to send zabbix notifications.

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