Agent Installation and Auto-Registration

It will be convenient if hosts are added automatically to zabbix server after we install the zabbix agent on our hosts. Open up zabbix front end and do the following.

Configuration > Action  and in drop-down menu “Event source“, select Auto-Registration > Create Action

For Linux :

Name: Linux host autoregistration

Conditions: Host metadata contains  Linux (case sentive)

Operations: Link to templates: Template OS Linux

For Windows :

Name: Windows host autoregistration

Conditions: Host metadata contains Windows (case sentive)

Operations: Link to templates: Template OS Windows

 We will have 2 entries like this

Agent Installation on Linux:


dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.2-1+xenial_all.deb

apt-get update

apt-get install zabbix-agent

nano /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf

Edit zabbix_agentd.conf like below

Server=Your zabbix server ip address

ServerActive=Your zabbix server ip address



sudo systemctl start zabbix-agent

sudo systemctl enable zabbix-agent

sudo systemctl status zabbix-agent

ufw allow 10050/tcp

Agent Installation on Windows:

Copy zabbix agent  folder to C drive on a windows system

Create a bat file named install.bat in that zabbix folder and copy the following lines of command in that batch file

cd c:\zabbix\bin\win64

zabbix_agentd.exe –config c:\zabbix\conf\zabbix_agentd.conf –install

zabbix_agentd.exe –start

@echo Press any key to continue



Run install.bat as administrator and that’s it.

 In a short time, hosts will be listed under Configuration >Hosts

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