Backup / Restore Outlook AutoComplete file

In this article, I will export my outlook autocomplete data and then import it into another computer.

First download MFCMAPI from the website below and install it.




Click Session/Logon


Select the outlook profile


Double click the profile file


Expand “Top of  Outlook data file”


Right click Inbox and then choose “open associated contents table”


Select IPM.Configuration.Autocomplete > Export Message


Select MSG file (UNICODE)


Click OK

Click OK


That’s how we back up. Now let’s see how to import that exported file into outlook on another computer.





Click Session > Log On > Double click the profile in which you import the file > Expand “Root Container” > Expand  “Top of outlook data file”

Right click Inbox > Open Associated contents table > Check the subject part whether there is any “IPM.Configuration.Autocomplete”. If there is, right click and delete message. For the deletion style, select “Permanent deletion (deletes to deleted item retention if supported)”

Now click Folder>Import> From MSG. Browse the MSG file you exported earlier and add it.


The import is finished.

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