sccm 2012

44- Create a Package to Copy Files on Clients

Recently, I needed to create a package that copies a folder including some files to the client computers. Fortunately, Coretech Blog (Michael Petersen) published a great article with a great script that does the job.

The folder name that I need to copy onto client computers is “HotKey”, and I need to copy it to the any user that logs on.

Let’s start

1. Download the script

2. Place the script in the folder that you want to copy, in this example I copy it into “HotKey” folder.

3. Create a package

Choose Standard Program

I need to copy the folder into C:\Users\Public\Desktop\HotKey (hotkey folder does not exist but it will be created automatically)

Command Line: cscript.exe CopyFiles.vbs C:\Users\Public\Desktop\HotKey

Complete the rest of the wizard. Distribute and deploy the package. Once more, I would like to thank Coretech Blog and Michael Petersen for sharing this script with us.

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