sccm 2012

39- Reinstall WDS and PXE

The other day, I needed to remove PXE point from SCCM server temporarily. Then I tried to re-install PXE and WDS but I couldn’t.

I tried a lot of different recommendations from web and they didn’t work either. Distmgr.log has these error entries:

Failed to open WDS service.

Failed (2) to run: ServerManagerCmd.exe -i WDS -a

CcmInstallPXE failed

Then I found the solution in the following link. Because I spent one day to find this solution, I decided to keep this solution here for the guys who might need it.

Solution Procedure:

  • remove boot images from DP
  • uncheck PXE, DO NOT uninstall WDS
  • Uninstall wds from server manager, reboot
  • remove d:\RemoteInstall and C:\windows\system32\reminst, if exists – reboot
  • install wds through server manager, reboot
  • wds fails to start
  • wdsutil /initialize-server /reminst:D:\RemoteInstall
  • enable PXE
  • distribute the boot images to DP

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