Windows Fax Server 2012

In this article, I will discuss how to install and configure Windows Fax Server on Server 2012 Standard version.

First of all, Install all the Updates for Server 2012 and make sure you installed all drivers including Modem.

Assign a static IP to your fax server and then Join Server 2012 to your domain and give it a name. Disable firewall on your server for now.

(IMPORTANT)Log in to your server as Administrator. Do not log in as any other account, even if your account is an Administrator or is part of the Domain Administrators group. The User Accounts Control in Server 2008 and Server 2012 REQUIRES you to log in as the account named Administrator for you to have access to certain security functions, such as configuring a Microsoft Fax Server.

Install Fax Server role to your server. It is pretty straight forward process to install Fax Role to your server.  So I will not show all the pictures here. Select Fax Server Role in the window below.



Install all the role services when asked, click Next and Finish the wizard.


On Fax Server open Control Panel/Devices and Printers right click on Fax and select Printer Properties, click Sharing Tab, put a tick next to Share this printer, Apply and OK. I want to send every fax that I receive as an email. To do that, open Microsoft Fax Service Manager, choose Receipts tab. Enable SMTP email receipts delivery, Enter the email address that you wanna forward faxes, Enter SMTP server address in your environment. Apply OK.




Navigate Devices and Providers/Devices/Right click on modem and Enable Auto Receive and Select Properties



Change value for “Rings before answering” as you wish.



Navigate Devices and Providers/Devices/YourModem/Incoming Methods/Right click on “Route through email” and select Properties



Select Email Tab and enter the email address to which you will send your incoming faxes. Apply OK.



Now we should enable this routing method




We should now create the users who will be able to send and receive faxes.




On your fax server and on the client machines on which your users manage fax communication do the following: Start Windows Fax and Scan, click Tools and select Fax Accounts from the menu




Click Add and select the option “Connect to a fax server on my Network”




Enter the name of your fax server as below. Click Done and Close.




Lastly, On Fax Server open Control Panel/Devices and Printers/ right click your server and select Modem Settings




Enter the Area Code, and click OK



And Configuration is all done. You can send a fax to multiple fax numbers. In To field, you need to use semicolon between the numbers while sending.

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